Hurricane coming in on Texas coast.  Three or four hundred.

Hurricane and twisters hit Tampa, St. Pete;  fifty five ish.

Gas explosion in Dallas kills twelve year old girl.  One.  Once removed,

One dies in chopper crash in Afghanistan.  One.

Myanmar is killing ethnic and religious minorities.  One and potentially one hundred.

Snowstorm in Colorado.  One hundred and fifty or so.

The more people you know, care about, pray for, and love around the world, the more likely it is that any given piece of news will touch you, hurt you deeply.

So the choice is, fewer connections, and lesser chances of getting hurt through events, or enjoy the rich network of people and souls; at risk of getting hurt by Acts of God or terrorists, or disease, or accidents.

Fewer is less in every meaningful way.  So, not the richest option.

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