Old Chinese Proverb

I know.

You know.

But still, we think we might “get by” on this one.

You buy the used Subaru, love it, and walk out with only one key.  The second key is 175.00, and that is steep for you.

A year later, in the run up to Christmas the key vanishes.  It is what we now call “a crummy miracle”.  And they abound.  Dog leashes, baby’s anythings, the fifty you were holding for a rainy day…vanished.  Seriously passed into dark energy, awaiting physicists to find the other 93 % of the universe.  Think of it for a second.  Much, much more of the universe is missing than is found.

The replacement keys (it is time to purchase two, like we might have done in the first place) are 215.00 apiece.  After you have the car towed 50 miles to the dealership.

Old Chinese proverbs: replace the tire and spare now. Pay the insurance, electric, phone bills today, walk now, lose the weight last week. And buy the second key, while it is still cheap.  Saying what is wise takes no effort at all.

Doing what is wise is simple, but hard.   So hard.

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