Summer, Mono Culture and Being the Worst Person in the World

Jill’s brother, Steve has been living here in the Guest House. He moved in after Thanksgiving and after his son, Thomas Hatt came to meet him and us in February, he was to finish his commission for the Shah of Oman. In March. And return to the Pacific Northwest.
The commission is looking more finished, now that we are in the middle of May, and I watch him do research and then solve problems daily, and that is amazing. I have learned something: the seconds that we use to “take in” a painting, are NOTHING in comparison to the months it took to complete it. (This truth is equally applicable to marriages, families, careers, books, movies, and the odd hobby.) I am thinking I should appreciate many things much, much more.
Steve is like my friend, Don Reeves who hails from Washington. With either, it is like living with the Chamber of Commerce from Oregon or Washington when they are around — for more than six minutes. Everything is greener, cooler, less (or no) snakes, tics, wind, you name it.
Steve, would love to have been gone before the snakes came out for summer, but as luck would have it, he has seen us kill the first two.
I am smiling as I write. He also has opined that the worst people in the world are those who subject nature to mono-culture, excising all weeds (even worse the flowering ones) from yards and flower beds.
Only when he said it, did I realize I was the worst person in the world.
I would have thought I would need to at least have an affair or ten, kill people needlessly, or harm animals indiscriminately. All I had to do was want a nice lawn, but Steve may be right.
Mono-culture may be killing us.
My friend, Mark Rockley used to say this regularly about wheat, corn, and other crops with their nitrogen stealing draw down on soils.

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