John Talley

I read an Sports Illustrated online story about “The Dirty Game” that details Oklahoma State infractions in drugs, money, sex, academics and the fallout.

I noticed two things almost immediately.  One contributor was a graduate of the University of Oklahoma — archrival.  And with that being the case I figured he would bend over backwards to be fair and honest in his reporting.  Then I read the article and saw how he treated John Talley, Fellowship of Christian Athletes staff member for this area of Oklahoma.

Please understand, my Ph.D. is in Journalism ethics using cognitive development.

Here is what I wrote after reading their treatment of John.

Innuendo: Write sentences.  Edit out all that doesn’t help your point. 
One need not be bright to do it, or the hacks would be members of Mensa.
Case in point: your article includes John Talley in OSU football’s “story”.  See your sentence and its more complete ending: “Talley says that he sometimes paid players a fee for speaking engagements” and the rest of the story — whether they played at OSU or a surrounding high school, or just had a great testimony for Christ — so he never took advantage of students and their hours of travel time. “… and that they frequently did work on his ranch” — and more fully; his ‘ranch’ where every bridle, saddle, pad, horse shoe, and horse are donated or bartered.  Similarly, John’s house; I asked him to house people during Aso’s summer there.  So Aso got bumped from the guest room for visiting missionaries — while Aso worked to serve the Lord across the state. 
John raises his FCA salary yearly, which has never approached a level where Caryl did not have to work.  John never has the kind of cash “remembered” by some players.
You omitted eight athletes, who moved a storage shed to my house — for what we could afford: $200.00 split eight ways for three hours’ work., innuendo is poor writing, but omitting does keep down the word count to sound more salacious.

        PERSONALLY, I could not read the article and not react.  I sent my response to and that is the lesson.  You and I cannot stand by while people drag friends through mud.  At the least it is embarrassing.  At the least, given enough mud, you can kill people.

Have a great day.

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