Jeane Yates is Home now.  She passed this past week.  

Three things.

One, she was “the first woman to —” forty things, positions, offices, jobs, honors, appointments, you name it.  She was the first woman to do it.  She had more brass and more polish than ten preachers.  She was articulate, measured, and gracious.  Disagreeing with her was work, because she was moving you to “yes” and you could not even guess on how many fronts she was working.  

She was that good.  That amazing.  I miss her.

Two, she taught me to measure time in “monthaversaries” rather than anniversaries.  When she and Kyle were newly married and penniless seminary students, they used to dress up in a tux and evening dress once a month and enjoy a cupcake with a candle in it if that was all they could afford in their tiny apartment.  Obviously, they had some nicer celebrations as time wore on and so many people enjoyed the pool and cruises with them, but the heart of it was class on the day of their wedding every month.  If all they had was a cupcake, they were dressing to the nines, making some romance of it and relishing it ravenously.  Every month.  Life is uncertain.  Every month.  

She knew how many months they had been together when Kyle passed.  I will bet your house that she knew how many he had been gone when she passed last week.  

Three.  Relationships were everything.  Nothing in life is eternal — except the players.  It never mattered if you were working the same side of an issue or not; if Jeane had said she loved you (‘in the Lord’ like she needed help in some of our cases) that was a done deal.  Decided.  Forever.  

Many people will be at her Homegoing Celebration tomorrow, but I had to just let you know, I love her, and totally expect her to be looking good the next time I see her, heavenward. 

Oh, and as long as she looks good, everything else is a distant second place.  And in His love, and in Kyle’s and her family’s love — dahling, she always will look mahvelous.  

If you die before I do, look her up, tell her I said “hi” and I’ll be Home in a heartbeat or two.  

It goes that fast, you know.  

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