We are losing the ability to see ourselves as spirit.

We say that we have heart, mind, abilities, skills, emotions and genetics.

We are ceasing to say, “Spirit”. 

We do so at our peril. 

Where people are just bodies then it makes sense to make soldiers of children:  they are cheaper.

Where people are not eternal, it makes sense to accept “x” amount of crime as acceptable: it is population control. 

Where people are only parts of a mass it makes sense to allow relief shipments to sit in warehouses and barter with them for power and favors: the people will die as they always have.

And so on.

It is only if we think that an individual is Spirit, has eternal value, is valued by God who created him or her unique in all the world — that we should move heaven and earth to rescue him, free her, set them in a place with a fighting chance at a full life. 

People are Spirit.  So said God.  So said Jesus.  So that part of God which communicates with us is —- Holy Spirit


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