The First Morning

I have begun a blog.  I argued with myself for a decade as to whether or not to begin such. 

Many people already blog.  They have found voice, niche, recycled wisdom, fascination with the everyday miracles that we take for granted and creativity. 

I simply wonder if I have anything truly interesting to add, you know?  When I was younger and fascinated with my ideas, and worse, thinking that I came up with many of them, I took it for granted that people wanted to hear me, hear my ideas.

I am older now.  More suspicious and, perhaps, wiser. 

I now know that may of them had their faces point my way, but just like in eighth grade, they were thinking about themselves, or someone they wish they could love, or maybe about a burger later —  again, while pointing their slightly smiling faces my way. 

So, this is my first posting.  Jon Cook has been doing this for a decade, go read his if you want something polished.

Beadoleoma is early German for “battle light”.  The earliest hope for light swords or sabers that I could find linguistically.  I took that as a name because it was a dream when I was a kid and it is a dream, still, this day.  And those are the best dreams I have found, the ones that stay with you, just out of reach, keeping you moving forward after all else you have achieved. 

Only in Grace.